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How Early Should A Child See An Orthodontist?

Most parents don’t think they have to worry about braces until their child nears their high school years. Yet, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that kids get seen by an orthodontist by the time they’re 7. The age of 7 is a golden age when your child has both baby and adult teeth, which […]

How Technology Has Improved Orthodontic Treatment

Over the years, orthodontic treatment has changed from cumbersome metal brackets and wires to a wide range of solutions for correcting bites and improving smiles. With many types of braces available and a wide range of modern imaging techniques, having your teeth straightened has never been easier, and it’s all due to advances in technology. […]

What You Should Know About Invisalign Teen

What are the Invisalign Teen Facts?  Invisalign provides a clear set of aligners that are designed to help straighten a person’s teeth. The process is done without the individual having to wear metal braces. Invisalign Teen is an entire line of straightening trays that are designed with teens in mind. Invisalign Teen was designed to […]

Orthodontic Treatment Myths And Facts

Over the years, many myths have been spread about orthodontic treatment. Because of this, it can sometimes be super confusing to know what is and isn’t true. Glass Orthodontics wants to share some common myths and facts of orthodontic treatment.  Myth: Braces are only for children and teenagers.  Fact: Braces are effective for children, teenagers, […]

National Orthodontic Health Month Is Here!

What does the month of October mean to you? For those of us on the Peninsula, October is when weather starts to get a little chilly; heavy jackets might come out of storage and summer clothes get packed away. You might start making plans for the upcoming holidays or looking at the beautiful changing autumn […]

Braces For The Entire Family

Your child is growing up and has reached an important time in their life – the time to give them a beautiful smile. As you research the options available on how to best straighten your child’s teeth, you may begin to consider your own. Finding a family orthodontist that can accommodate everyone can be tricky, […]

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