About Us

Customized Orthodontics

Glass Orthodontics is a state-of-the-art, family friendly orthodontic practice specializing in the treatment of children, teens, and adults. Our very own board certified orthodontist, Dr. Glass, uses the latest technology to provide the most comprehensive care and customized treatment options in a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment.

Did You Know?

  • Dr. Glass is the sole orthodontist in our practice. This allows us to give you the highest-quality, individualized care because you will always see him when you come to our office.
  • Dr. Glass was in private practice as a cosmetic general dentist for four years before deciding to specialize in orthodontics. Due to his work in private practice, he has a broader knowledge base to give you the right orthodontic treatment for your needs.
  • Not all orthodontists treat second molars. At Glass Orthodontics, we treat all teeth to improve and prevent bite-driven occlusion. We promise to set you up with a beautiful smile for life!
  • Straightening teeth isn’t all we do. We also focus on your overall gum health to ensure your smile stays as healthy as it is beautiful.
  • Dr. Glass uses the latest technology to accurately place your braces and provide custom treatment plans based on your unique needs.

We are passionate about quality and strive to create amazing smiles as well as healthy bites that can function for a lifetime. With our patient-centered approach to orthodontic care, we create:


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