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Orthodontic Treatment Myths And Facts


Over the years, many myths have been spread about orthodontic treatment. Because of this, it can sometimes be super confusing to know what is and isn’t true. Glass Orthodontics wants to share some common myths and facts of orthodontic treatment. 

Myth: Braces are only for children and teenagers. 

Fact: Braces are effective for children, teenagers, and adults. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still get braces on your teeth and see results. In fact, nearly 27% of orthodontic patients in Canada and the USA are adults. This number is likely to rise as the years go by and adults realize that it is never to late to correct their teeth and feel better about their smile. 

Myth: You should only get braces if your teeth are really bad.  

Fact: Braces are a great option for people who have mild to severe teeth and bite issues. The great thing about braces is that they are customized to your teeth and your needs. Dr. Glass will create a treatment plan that allows you to address the issues that you have with your smile, which will allow you to get the results that you desire, no matter where your smile starts out. 

Myth: You will have to wear braces for several years. 

Fact: How long you wear braces will depend entirely on your teeth. The amount of correction that is needed is a big determining factor. Whether or not you have an over or underbite is also something that can increase the amount of time you have to wear your braces. Age is a factor to consider as well because teeth generally move faster in children than they do in adults. 

Myth: Braces only come in metal.  

Fact: While metal braces are definitely an option and are considered to be the “traditional” braces, there are several other options available to you as well. Ceramic braces consist of brackets that are made to be clear and blend with the color of your teeth. You can even get clear wires with these brackets so your braces are hardly noticeable at all. Invisalign is also another option for braces that involves the use of clear aligners to slowly move your teeth into place over time. Since these trays are nearly invisible, they are a discreet option for orthodontics, and also have the benefit of being able to be taken in and out to eat and drink. 

Myth: You don’t have to go to your orthodontic appointments.  

Fact: It is crucial that you go to your regular orthodontic appointments. For one thing, this ensures that your braces are functioning as they should be and are kept in good condition. During these appointments, your braces are inspected for proper care, wires are removed and replaced, and brackets are checked. Attending your regular appointments also helps ensure that the appropriate adjustments are made to your braces at the correct times. It is these things that allow braces to be successful, so skipping appointments will likely equate to a longer time in your braces and your results will not be optimal. 

It is important to sort out the myths and the facts when it comes to orthodontic treatment. At Glass Orthodontics, we know that our patients have many question about their treatment. Our team of experienced professionals are always happy to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions about your treatment. To schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Timothy Glass, contact us today! 


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