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Traditional Expansion

A traditional palatal expander is a common fixed orthodontic appliance that attaches to back molars and spans the upper arch. The appliance is usually spring loaded, or manually turned using a key, and applies a gentle force between the molars so that the palate can open. By opening the palate, new space is created for emerging permanent teeth. The benefits of palatal expansion includes: 

  • Broadening the smile 
  • Avoid extractions of permanent teeth
  • Shorten overall orthodontic treatment duration
  • Improve breathing

What to Expect
First, an impression is made of your child’s upper jaw. The palate expander is then customized to your child’s unique orthodontic needs and securely placed in the palate. The palatal expander utilizes bands on the back molars to hold it in place. Spring loaded appliances will work gradually on their own to spread the palatal bones. Once the desired expansion is achieved, we will leave the appliance in for a few more months to allow new bone to form in the gap and stabilize the expansion. Generally, expanders are worn for 6-9 months. 

Acrylic TAD Expander (ages 12-17)

As children grow into the adolescent years, it is essential to ensure that the width of the upper and lower jaw is in harmony. This enables patients to achieve the maximum and long lasting benefits of orthodontic treatment. The acrylic TAD expander utilizes a temporary anchorage device (TAD) to achieve optimal orthodontic results by providing a stationary anchor from which to guide the movement of teeth. The acrylic or plastic fitting is low-profile and comfortable for patients. 

The acrylic TAD expander is an advanced option for patients with more challenging orthodontic cases. After the initial consultation, Dr. Glass will determine which type of expansion is necessary for your unique orthodontic needs.  

acrylic palatal expander
MSE palatal expansion
palatal expander mse device for adults
palatal expansion MSE device

MSE Expander (ages 18+)

The MSE Expander is a non-surgical orthopedic palatal expansion device for adults with a narrowed, high-angle palate, or upper and lower jaw discrepancy. This technique utilizes micro implants or mini screws to anchor the expander in the roof of the mouth. By seating the device in the maxilla (upper jaw) bone, the lateral expansion force is applied through the roof of the mouth instead of the teeth, as in traditional palatal expanders. 

This type of expansion is used for more challenging orthodontic cases in adults and offers additional health benefits. The MSE appliance is an airway focused orthodontic technique. Opening the palate in a lateral direction also opens the nasal passages, improving the ability to breathe through the nose and sinuses. The results provide ample space for the tongue, thereby greatly reducing the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea as well as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMD. 

After your initial consultation, Dr. Glass will determine if MSE is the right treatment for your individual orthodontic needs. 


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