Meet the Team

Gail - Glass Orthodontics


Office Manager

  1. Loves to jet ski
  2. Enjoys home improvement projects
  3. Favorite vacation spot is Key West, FL
  4. Loves muscle cars
  5. Coffee and ice-cream are my favorites!
Morgan - Glass Orthodontics


Patient Coordinator

  1. Dog mom to the cutest mini Aussie ever!
  2. I’m a great line dancer
  3. I actually went to college for Dental Assisting
  4. I’ve played Softball, Soccer, Football, Competitive Cheerleading, and beat the girls benchpress record in high school.
  5. Would one day love to have quadruplets or twins!
Stefanie - Glass Orthodontics



  1. Has known her husband since she was 14 years old, and married for 11 years
  2. Has 3 kids, ages 8, 6 and 4
  3. Favorite food is toasted ravioli
  4. Coffee addict, but only good coffee
  5. Loves all music but country is my least favorite
Lorri - Glass Orthodontics



  1. I have 7 siblings
  2. I spent 5 years in the US Navy!
  3. I will never say no to creme brûlée
  4. Knows how to fly fish
  5. Love to quilt and knit
Kelli - Glass Orthodontics



  1. Loves Baseball – “Cubs Fan”
  2. Loves Grateful Dead, has seen over 200 shows
  3. Has 8 grandkids
  4. Has been an ortho assistant since 1992
  5. Loves to read!