What Sets Us Apart

See what makes Glass Orthodontics so special.

Board Certified

When you come to Glass Orthodontics, you can relax knowing you’ve chosen an orthodontist who can provide specialized treatment. Dr. Glass has the certification to prove he learned the best way to align and move your teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile!

To become board certified, Dr. Glass had to complete rigorous examinations. A board certified orthodontist must first complete an additional two to three years of a CODA accredited graduate orthodontic program after dental school. Board certification requires hundreds of hours of preparation to test judgment, skill, and knowledge to demonstrate the highest level of orthodontic care. To retain the board certification, Dr. Glass must periodically be re-examined as well. Click here to learn more.

A Different Treatment Approach


We strongly believe that there is a right and a wrong time to start braces. Jaw growth and the presence of adult teeth is a big factor when deciding the correct time to begin orthodontic care for your child. In many situations, we encourage patients to start braces when all the adult teeth are completely in place. With this philosophy we can pick the ideal time to begin treatment to minimize the total amount of time in braces and save you money.

This approach also allows us to render orthodontic treatment to all the teeth, second molar to second molar, as well as minimize the damage that can occur to teeth when patients are in braces for longer than necessary. Although we may not recommend starting braces, we do encourage a complimentary exam to evaluate your child’s individual needs by age 7.

Early Phase I Treatment

Early treatment helps normalize the growth of your child’s bone structure and repairs any facial and jaw imbalances. This stage often begins when the patient is around 7 or 8 years old. It is important for parents to know that most children do not require early orthodontic intervention. However, some children do require a phase I treatment to help correct certain jaw growth patterns.

Glass Orthodontics discourages the over-use of early treatment because in many cases, it is unnecessary and increases the overall treatment cost. Our approach reduces costs without sacrificing quality and leads to a better overall orthodontic experience.

Indirect Bonding Technique

Glass Orthodontics is one of the only orthodontic practices in the Hampton Roads area to use this cutting edge technique to ensure precise placement of your braces. With Indirect Bonding (IDB), we can create a custom tray that is unique to you and houses the braces inside. We then place this custom tray in your mouth to transfer the braces to your teeth. IDB dramatically reduces the time you spend having your braces placed and improves accuracy. What does this mean for you? A reduced treatment time and a very positive orthodontic experience!

Our Focus on Function

We know you will love your new Glass Orthodontic smile, and we want you to know your bite is important to us.

Dr. Glass is passionate about the way your teeth function. He has seen the negative consequences of a poor bite during his time as a general cosmetic dentist and while he studied at the Dawson Academy. That’s why he strives to give all of his patients a solid foundation to chew in order to avoid worn, chipped, and broken teeth as they age.

Your bite is most comfortable and stable when your teeth, jaws, and muscles work in harmony, and this is our goal for your teeth!

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Cosmetic Orthodontics

More patients are seeking orthodontic treatment than ever before, but many of them are looking for an alternative to metal braces. Glass Orthodontics proudly provides the most premier cosmetic orthodontic bracket options on the market. We offer these options to our patients at no additional cost. Children are also excited about choosing colors for their clear braces. This is a super fun way to set them apart from their peers.

Dr. Glass recognizes that not all patients are great candidates for Invisalign®. That’s why we offer Cosmetic Braces as well. Now we can provide the same quality result of metal brackets with the same cosmetic effect as Invisalign®.

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