Fixing TMJ-TMD Problems

TMJ-TMD can be painful. Do you experience frequent headaches? Does your jaw feel tired more often than not? Do you feel like your bite is uneven?

Your teeth should properly fit together without pressure. If you suffer from jaw pain, your bite may be unbalanced and can cause problems.

The effects of a bad bite include:

  • Damaged restorations, including crowns and bridges
  • Excessive force on implants, which can cause them to wear early
  • Receding gums and loose teeth
  • Clicking sounds, jaw pain, teeth grinding, buzzing or ringing in your ears, and difficulty in opening or closing the mouth
  • Worn, flattened, or fractured teeth
  • Continual sensitivity of your teeth to temperature change

At Glass Orthodontics, we understand the complex nature of TMJ-TMD and have the tools and resources to help.

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