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i-Tero Scanner

Glass Orthodontics is pleased to provide the iTero Digital Scanner for rendering 3D digital images of your bite and the soft tissue structures in your mouth. The iTero Digital Scanner eliminates the need for impression trays full of sticky putty. With the small intraoral wand, we can make a 3D impression of your teeth that is both accurate and efficient. The iTero Digital Scanner offers many benefits including:

  • Comfort – Taking the digital image is less invasive and patient comfort is increased by removing the large impression trays as well as the thick putty
  • Invisalign® compatible – We can expedite your Invisalign treatment by using the iTero Digital Scanner and your aligners are custom fit to your 3D model with greater precision
  • Visualization – iTero Digital Scanner allows each patient to see what their teeth will look like before, during and after orthodontic treatment
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