Dr. Timothy Glass is a Board Certified Orthodontist with the American Board of Orthodontics.

What does that mean?

To begin, all orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists. An orthodontist must first complete dental school and then go on to get their orthodontic license. Each orthodontist is registered with a specific state, but not all orthodontists are Board Certified. A Board Certified Orthodontist, like Dr. Glass, voluntarily continues their training with the American Board of Orthodontics to be awarded Diplomate status.

The Board Certification Process

Only 1 in 3 orthodontists are Board Certified, so this is a very high achievement. To be awarded this honor, Dr. Glass had to complete an exhaustive process that requires the highest orthodontic knowledge and skill. He dedicated hundreds of additional training and education hours to his practice, and passed an extensive oral and written exam. This board certification is the only orthodontic specialty recognized by the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists.

Board Certified