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Christine’s Story

Christine had double jaw surgery to correct her TMJ and chronic pain, as well as sleep and eating issues. Dr. Glass was able to stabilize her bite with splint therapy, and performed surgery that resulted in no more headaches, better ability to eat, and improved quality of life!

I had an awesome experience in their Elizabeth City office. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They also offer affordable payment options for their clients. We are looking forward to getting our daughter’s braces put on! Schedule your free consultation today!! You will not be disappointed!


Everyone was exceptionally nice. Dr. Glass truly helps you understand exactly what he’s going to do and how he’s going to do it. Up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment. I would have liked to been able to sign up with a big “YES, let’s do this,” but financially, need to take some time to see if I can afford the different payment options they mapped out for me. Gail & Morgan were amazing, as well. Awesome place to go.

K. Deitz

Amazing experience at Glass Orthodontics! Everyone here is so nice and really makes you feel like family. They explain everything step by step so you always know what’s going on. I really love this office!

L. Old

Dr. Glass and his team were amazing. He sat with my son and I and explained everything in detail. Dr. Glass was extremely patient and informative. Gail was amazing. She was such an incredibly informative individual. The young lady that worked with my son on his photos was extremely patient and helped my son through every step of the way. We look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

K. Louk

Could not have asked for a better experience. The whole team is incredible and so kind. Not only is the atmosphere excellent, the appointments are so efficient and Dr. Glass really works with each person to get the best treatment.

J. Starkey

Highly Recommend! I expected this to be the 1st of MANY consults. I was determined to find the best and at the best price. I was mentally prepared to remain resolute through all of the high pressure Orthodontic consults I have heard other moms talk about. I found a welcoming, clean, modern environment, staffed with great people that made me feel like our business was appreciated from the moment we walked in the door. No high pressure tactics were needed – Dr. Glass was our one and ONLY consult.

B. Cooper

Great care for my child. Nice, kind super warm inviting place for all of your orthodontic needs! Thank you!

J. Pellegrin

I had such an amazing experience. Dr. Glass and his staff made me feel so welcomed! I cannot wait to get started!

M. Wilber

The staff are professional but still very pleasant and easy to talk to, they make you feel at home. Going there is one of the most comfortable places business that I’ve ever been to and I would highly recommend going there to anybody. Dr. Glass is also very down to earth and understanding, you can tell he has your best interest in mind.

N. Tull

Dr. Glass is amazing! Professional, clean, wonderful! Recommend 100%! We moved from out of state, and he made sure my kids were taken care of, over anything else!! Thank you so much Glass orthodontics!!

T. Tigner

Dr. Glass and his staff are amazing. We are truly blessed to have found such a caring practice. My nervous girl feels at ease when getting her treatments done due to the staff being so gentle. Morgan and Gail are so flexible with my schedule as well!

K. Overman

Been here for a year with my son and have always been impressed with the service. Dr. Glass always explains everything so we can understand. Never once did I feel pressured to do anything and Dr. Glass has always laid out all our options for us and been honest. The staff here also has always been wonderful and patient with us. They are all very sweet.

K. Jurcik

My son recently had an ortho consult with Dr. Glass and we were very pleased with the whole experience. Their office is beautiful and inviting and the staff is friendly and helpful. They really make you feel welcome and at ease. Dr. Glass is very knowledgeable, professional, he answered all our questions and even helped my son to get excited about starting his ortho treatment! We will recommend to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment to pay a visit to Glass Orthodontics!

L. Kandare

For having slight dental fear, I will say that it’s quite nice to have a very thorough examination while being treated with the highest respect possible. All of the staff at Glass Orthodontics are friendly and professional. The treatment plan is clear and precise. I have no doubt that my smile will shine brighter than it ever has before. I found that it was quite difficult to dull my laughter while going through the initial molds and X-rays. Thank you Dr. Tim-Glass, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Gail, for the great experience, see you soon.

Short wait time
Professional and friendly
State of the art facility (for all ages)
Comforting atmosphere
Very thorough examination
Clear explanation of treatment plans and options

Thanks again!

N. Respass

The staff here is great! Well-mannered and very easy to talk to. Dr. Glass is one of the more personable in a field that can seem number-oriented. They work with what seems to be every situation , and I can assure you will not be disappointed. The standard of care is unmatched and Dr. Glass makes it a point to check in with you at every appointment. The facility is modern and updated, very well kept. I would recommend 10 out of 10 times. Loved my treatment here.

K. Johnson

Dr. Glass and his staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. The office is clean and modern, and even the x-ray machine and pano are hi-tech. I went for a consultation this morning and ended up having impressions taken to begin treatment next week. Each employee walked me through the process and set solid expectations. I can’t wait to see my new smile!

A. Jones

Dr. Glass and his staff are amazing! My son’s smile is absolutely perfect!

K. Thompson

Great customer service. Dr. Glass is an excellent orthodontist. Will recommend! I have two kids at his office doing braces.

L. Green

They were extremely friendly and thorough in explaining everything.

T. Givens

My first visit was great! Dr. Glass explained the entire plan and process while answering all of my questions. Ms. Gail was great at explaining the financial side of the process. Could not have asked for a better first visit!

A. Pruitt

Dr. Glass and his staff are simply amazing. His techniques are current and expeditious. The environment they have created is warm and welcoming. Very economically friendly with payment plans suitable for any budget. Dr. Glass and his staff are very accommodating and understanding. I don’t think there are enough adjectives to properly describe this amazing orthodontic office. I highly recommend Glass Orthodontics and wish I would have found him sooner. A real gem!

S. Armstrong

I’ve been in general dentistry administration for years. So, there are key things I look for that his team nailed! Hats off to Dr.Glass, Gail, Stephanie and Morgan! Morgan was my first point of contact. It was like talking to an old friend. Dr.Glass explained everything in detail AFTER he LISTENED to me! Super impressed with their team of highly capable, efficient and FRIENDLY individuals. The office was beautiful, high tech and immaculate. BEST FIRST VISIT EVER.

C. Jasmyn

We were referred by our dentist to stop in and make a consultation appt with Dr. Glass, so we stopped by to make the appt and he took us right in, Dr. Glass and his staff were so friendly, they gave us more information about my daughter’s teeth then anyone had in the last 8 years of dealing with other orthodontists and dentists, we were truly impressed. We were so glad we decided to stop in and are excited about working with him and his staff in getting our daughter’s Invisalign. Thank you Dr. Glass and thank you Gail for all the great information. WE WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GLASS ORTHODONTICS!!!!

R. Labby

Glass Orthodontics is a beautiful office outfitted with the most advanced technology. The entire staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Glass is personable and worked well with my 7 yr. old son. During our first appointment, Dr. Glass made us both feel comfortable and thoroughly explained the entire orthodontic process step by step. I highly recommend Glass Orthodontics to all my friends and family!!!

E. Pleasants

I cannot say thank you enough! First for squeezing both of my children in for a consultation on short notice, one even within a half hour! Second, Dr. Glass is HONEST! I appreciate how thorough he and Gail are to ensure the process is understood! Third, Dr. Glass came in to the lobby and greeted each child BY NAME when they came in for their own appointments. GREAT first impression! I truly am grateful for their honesty!

J. Starowicz

Today we went in for a consult for my daughter to get braces. From the moment we walked in, we were treated like gold. They showed my daughter around the office as I filled out the paperwork, so that made her feel more comfortable. When we got to the back and met with Dr. Glass he was extremely thorough in explaining what needs to be done to get her to the smile she wants. He was super funny too and interacted very well with my daughter, who is very shy, so she was able to open up with him. Just overall a really great experience and we made her appt to get her braces on at the end of this month! Thank you guys for being so wonderful!

L. Breland

Dr. Glass and his team are wonderful! His knowledge and expertise are unparalleled, and my results are beyond words….unbelievable, stunning, perfect! Never ever did I feel like just a number. Always greeted by name with a smile and conversation. Even through my hesitation and worries of being an adult with braces, Dr. Glass and his team were always so welcoming, so, so comforting, and kind with a dose of humor always thrown in the mix. Now that the braces are off, I’m just in awe every day of how awful my teeth were before versus how perfect they are now. My husband was equally blown away by my transformation. Dr. Glass was also very accommodating to my specific situation and allowed me to be part of the decision-making process for which I am truly grateful and appreciative. Something I was so hesitant to do turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, and I cannot thank Dr. Glass enough. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Glass and his team, and when it comes time for my son to get braces, he will absolutely be going to Dr. Glass. World-class ortho here.

Kimberly A.

Loved the office, my daughter checked herself in using an ipad at the front desk – everything was very clean and tech savvy. Great staff – super friendly from the moment we arrived. Dr. Glass was kind and honest about treatment options for my daughter. Instead of beginning treatment right away, as was recommended by another ortho, Dr. Glass told us it would be more beneficial to wait 8-12 months for the remainder of her adult teeth to come in so that she would not be in braces for longer than necessary. We scheduled a follow up in 8 months. It’s not a matter of if my daughter needs braces, it’s when and when the time comes, Dr. Glass is our orthodontist.

G. Stud

Dr. Glass and his staff are amazing. They were very sweet and comforting to my 14-year-old daughter who is generally terrified of dental anything! They explained the things she needed clearly and with options for payment along with a non-pushy attitude. I will get all my child’s work done here! Thank you so very much!

A. Garza

My son received his consultation today. Friendly staff and very professional. Dr. Glass is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the latest technology that will help the braces be more accurate and give better results to his clients. We are looking forward to coming here and having Dr. Glass as my son’s orthodontist.

U. Crys

We came in for a consultation and were impressed the moment we walked in. The staff was friendly and the office looked immaculate and modern. Dr. Glass was very nice and made my son feel comfortable immediately, which means a lot since he’s had a rough time at dentists in the past. Dr. Glass was very thorough and clearly explained everything he was going over. I would definitely recommend this office!

J. Morgan

Office was very clean, modern and inviting. Staff was warm, welcoming and professtional. Dr. Glass gave me all the information needed for my daughter and did not encourage any additional, unnecessary expenses.

S. Banie

After a bad orthodontic consult I took to YouTube and found Glass Orthodontics. I was impressed how empathetic they were about my needs. I didn’t feeling like I was rush to make a decision on treatment options. I felt like I was visiting family. The state of the art treatment was next to none. I recommend Glass Orthodontics for your treatment needs for adults as well as children.

L. Spence

Dr. Glass is amazing! He is very knowledgeable and is a board certified orthodontist. I went in August for a consultation and just recently had my cosmetic braces put on. I am almost 30, so getting braces at my age seemed to be traumatizing. He was honest and explained in detail what would need to be done prior to getting braces, as well as what to expect during treatment. Dr. Glass used the Indirect Bonding Technique to get the braces on and it was so easy!
The office is state-of-the-art, has all the latest technology and has a beautiful, cozy coastal theme! Gail did a wonderful job providing us with all the paperwork and financial information we needed to get the braces. She even provided us with multiple options for payment plans that worked with our budget. Lorri helped put the braces on and made sure I was comfortable the entire time! If you want a patient-centered approach to orthodontic care in the Hampton Roads area, with phenomenal staff and great results, Dr. Glass at Glass Orthodontics is the place to go!

K. Hodge

I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable with my teeth and Dr. Glass always makes me feel comfortable discussing my teeth and even looking at them. The consultation was done in a private room which I appreciate very much. This office is a bit of a hike from my house, but it is so with it! Very professional all the way around and the location is absolutely beautiful.

M. Beja

Dr. Glass and his staff are so friendly and the office is very welcoming. I had a great experience getting Invisalign and I have definitely recommended Dr. Glass already to my friends and family already.

M. DeGalleford

I had a GREAT experience at Glass Orthodontics! Wonderful and knowledgable staff. I went there for a consultation and Dr. Glass and his assistant answered all of my questions in a way I could understand.

S. Jones

Dr. Glass and his staff have been amazing. My teeth look great! The whole process has been quick, easy, and comfortable.

H. Hunt

Great Place…. Awesome staff…. Super nice and made my 11 yr. old excited about having to get braces.

S. Jarvis

Dr. Glass is amazing, professional and outgoing, his office is conveniently located and he is very accommodating to our scheduling needs. My daughter was a little nervous about getting her braces back on due to a not so pleasant experience the first time around. She was very impressed and that says a lot for a 12 year old girl. We are very pleased and will be taking our youngest son for his consult next. And I have to say, Gail you are amazing, we have only been to the office three times now and you are always on top of things, you have answered every question we had, and made sure we understood everything involved with the process. I highly recommend you visit them prior to choosing anyone else.

L. Wojtyla

Very friendly staff. Clean office space. Very thorough in their explanation and planning process. My children felt very at ease.

A. Everett

Dr. Glass is an AMAZING orthodontist! His passion and love for not only dentistry but also his patients is shown with confidence!!!! I am truly excited to start this journey in braces with such a great orthodontist providing treatment for me. As a patient, friend, or parent… you are always greeted @ Glass Orthodontics with smiling & welcoming faces from Dr. Glass himself, his assistant Lori, and receptionist Gail! I know the outcome will be nothing less than perfect.

K. Fetty

Excellent! From the minute you walk in you are made to feel welcome. Everyone greeted us. The office is beautiful and has an iPad bar. When I was there 3 sisters of a patient were quietly watching cartoons (Adorable!!!). When we met Dr. Glass he took time to get to know my daughter and I. Explained the best treatment for her and why it was best. Explained how they put braces on… quite amazing and advanced since my days of having braces (and having to hold my mouth open for hours while they placed and attached every bracket). He took his time with us and answered all of our questions. I am so pleased. If you are considering orthodontics you need to visit Glass Orthodontics.

M. Ann

The staff is wonderful and nice! They thoroughly explain their process on how they put on braces. They will also work with you in ensuring you get what you need without making you feel pressured. I’m glad I found them!

V. Deleon

I went for a consultation for my son. Ms. Gail was so welcoming, immediately putting my son and myself at ease. Dr. Glass gave his professional opinion attributing his perception based on how he would treat his own son. I absolutely appreciated his honesty. We will be back for future services!

A. Miller

I love Dr. Glass and his team! Everyone is so knowledgeable, walks me through every step, and Dr. Glass ensures I’m always doing a-ok. Braces are no fun, but Dr. Glass and team make the process stress-free!

C. Gustafson

Wonderful experience! Honest, helpful and kind.

J. Meekins



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