Why Braces

With braces, we can move your teeth into different positions to give you the smile you deserve! You will love looking into the mirror and seeing your smile transformed in just a matter of months. Braces can help improve your confidence as well as correct any bite issues you may have, helping you chew and speak more effectively.

Treatment for the Whole Family

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends age 7 as the best time for kids to receive an orthodontic evaluation. At around 7 years old, permanent teeth start to come in. At this age, it’s important to check the spacing of teeth to reduce orthodontic problems down the road. For teens, most or all permanent teeth have come in, and we can easily detect crooked teeth, gaps, and bad bites.

Are you an adult looking into adult braces? More adults are looking into orthodontics to improve oral health and feel more confidence in their smile. Any age is a good age to improve your smile!